CES Unveiled Press Day 2011

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CES Unveiled is one of the first events that happens and kicks off the official CES events for the press. The unveil is where some of the manufactures have a chance to display a few of their products for the first time.
CES Unveiled Press Day 2011 CES 1

The CES Unveiled for the press is a event that allows vendors to interact with the press on a more casual atmosphere which allows everyone to be a little at ease. Questions can be asked freely while mingling through the crowd. This would be the ideal situation but when you have about 50-60 vendors and 1000 press people, it get a little crowded.
The image below shows you the waiting line to get into the ballroom at the Venetian. I was at the end of the line that started to curve back onto itself so what you are seeing is the end to get in, but it makes a left for a few more hundred people are standing in line. 

  CES Unveiled Press Day 2011 CES 2

CES Unveiled Press Day 2011 CES 3

Some of the vendors that are inside.

CES Unveiled Press Day 2011 CES 4

Ah, the quiet peacefulness of the room. As you can see it rather packed with everyone trying to get a glimpse at the new products.

So what kind of stuff do you get to see when you go in, how about a pair of goggles that have a GPS built in to them PLUS the data is viewable through a head-mounted display… now that’s cool!

CES Unveiled Press Day 2011 CES 5

Samsung had some interesting stuff as well

CES Unveiled Press Day 2011 CES 6

CES Unveiled Press Day 2011 CES 7

CES Unveiled Press Day 2011 CES 8

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