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CPU Magazine features Masters of Case Modding

CPU Magazine CPUmag.com (Computer Power User Magazine) has always been a great friend of Modders-Inc and with all the case modders out there. Each month they feature a modded computer case on the cover and then a two page spread in the magazine as part of their Mad Readers Mod section. This is really something special for any case modder who gets chosen to be featured and we thank them for it. Starting in the 2013 January issue they will be featuring in the “Hard Hat Area” section a ongoing piece called “Modding Masters” about case modding and case modders. Here is what CPUMag has to say about it…

“Modding Masters” provides you with up-close and personal
access to the pillars of the modding community. We’ve called
on previous “Mad Reader Mod” winners as well as modders
who have taken first-place honors at our LAN party case mod
contests to provide their expert opinions on all things mod.
It’s the closest you’re going to get to these rotary tool ninjas
and paint booth Picassos short of online videoconferencing
or criminal trespass. Listen to their wisdom, learn from their
mistakes, and follow their advice, and perhaps the coveted “Mad
Reader Mod” spread will one day belong to you.

This month, we talked to Craig “Tech Daddy” Tate, Lee
“pcjunkie209” Harrington, and Brian “Boddaker” Carter on
the topic of prep work. Sometimes, the difference between
smashing success and abject failure comes down to making
the most of the planning stage. The old saw “measure twice,
cut once” rings true in the world of case modding, too.

If you are just starting out and what learning a few things from those that have “been there and done that” or if you have been into modding for awhile and want to hear what other have done to create their custom computer case mods, then this is for you. I know I won’t miss it and enjoy ever word.

Below is a digital copy of the monthly ComputerPowerUser.com  magazine. The article starts off at page 42, but I suggest you check out the whole magazine if you have never seen it before. Also if you go to the CPUmag.com website you can see all the past issues and you can also download them.

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