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Cooler Master Ceres 400 Headphones

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Comfort, this is the main reason I have continued to use this headset for all my day to day gaming. My first few days with the Ceres 400 headset I honestly was not sure I would grow to love them. I prefer a headset that cups completely over the ear due to pains I have experienced with other headsets sitting on my ears. At first I dreaded this would be the case here ,but I was most pleasantly surprised. I was also happy to see that even without fully covering my ears the large ear cups did block most outside sound. Within a day or two of starting my testing I started to feel the foam loosing to the perfect feel. The headset rapidly came to seemingly conform to my ears as soon as I put them on. 

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Sound Quality with gaming was great. Asa stereo headset are are not looking at amazing sound positioning but for indie games as well as mmorpgs such as Guild Wars 2 the sounds has been amazing. The headset is also equipped with a great mic. I have having a mic that does not extend all the way in-front of my mouth while still delivering clear sound to those I am talking to. 


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