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Exterior Impressions Part 1:


Front angle view CM Storm Scout 2Scout 2 rear angle

After removing the plastic sheeting, we get our first look at the CM Storm Scout 2. The Scout 2 comes in two colors, black and gunmetal grey. I received the black colored CM Storm Scout 2 to review. It is definitely different than the original Scout, but to me that is a good thing. The case is more streamlined and seems to have a more modern hi-tech military theme style to it.

Scout 2 windowed sideScout 2 motherboard side

The Scout 2 does have a  windowed side panel, however, the window is on the small side. Just below the window the case is setup to hold 2x 120mm intake fans, which are not included. Both side panels have a predominate outward scoop looking bulged area to accommodate taller cpu coolers and on the motherboard side panel to help facilitate cable management.

Scout 2 frontScout 2 rear

The front panel of the CM Storm Scout 2 is simplistic in design. it has a full mesh front with filters to help control the dust bunnies.

scout opitcal drive baysscout front air intake

At the top of the front panel we have the 3x 5.25″ optical drive bay covers, that are removable from the inside of the front panel only..The bottom is the air intake area (not removable), which we will talk more about the fan options a bit further into the review.

scout rear I/OScout rear expansion / psu

The back of the Scout is pretty much just as simplistic. You have 2x grommeted water cooling tube holes, for those who like to rock the liquid cooling. You also have here the I/O shield opening and a pre-installed 120mm Red LED exhaust fan.

Moving down the rear of the case we have 7x expansion slots at your disposal, to the right of that you have the Cooler Master peripheral locking device, and last but not least a bottom  PSU mounting area.


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