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Cooler Master HAF 912 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

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A Closer Look

Cooler Master HAF 912 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ATX, Cooler Master, HAF, Mid Tower 1

Let’s go over the above picture. 

There is a massive cut out behind the CPU area. BONUS POINTS for the size of the cut out! This will allow installation of the motherboard, and if you opt to change your cooling option, you will *not* need to uninstall the motherboard to make the alteration, YAY! I’ve seen these starting to appear in higher end cases, but to see this design element in the less expensive models makes me very happy! 

Also note the 3 oval shaped holes to the right of the motherboard tray… cable management folks! .61 inches back there behind the motherboard tray, hence the impression that this case was a bit wider. It’s stance is wider to accommodate the power supply cables behind the motherboard tray. More than enough room back there to wrangle cables and organize them properly! And to make it easier, Coolermaster cut slits in the motherboard tray to wrap cable ties through to better organize the cables in the space behind the motherboard! 


Power supply mounts in the base of the internal space, and has a meshed intake grill cut out of the bottom of the case. This will give your power supply fresh, cool air to draw in from outside the case to help keep it cool. The power cables can be fed through the rectangular hole on the bottom of the back panel, which then puts your cables back in the space noted above. 

Speaking of that hole, look at the picture… just in front of it… you see that rectangle? It’s a 2.5″ hard drive mount! It holds 2 drives internally. Want to know a cool thing about this? That drive enclosure is removable and relocatable to the 3.5″ hard drive area to the right of the motherboard tray! This means that if you have a long/huge pow-pow-powower supply, you can free up floor space on the bottom by relocating the 2.5″ drive bay and have the whole bottom dedicated to the huge power supply unit. 

Cooler Master HAF 912 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ATX, Cooler Master, HAF, Mid Tower 2

You would think, that with a less expensive case, that is all they would offer here, but not in this case (pun fully intended)! As noted in the graphic above, if you have an astronomically long video card, and you are in need of space, this case can accommodate by simply removing the middle 3.5″ hard drive bay. Removal of this location allows the graphical insanity to stretch it’s proverbial legs out, in the comfort of a MID TOWER!!!! 

Cooler Master HAF 912 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ATX, Cooler Master, HAF, Mid Tower 3

Oh, and the 2.5″ bay for your blazing fast SSD’s can still be mounted to the top of the remaining 3.5″ hard drive bay on the bottom, oh yeah! If your card does not need the removal of the center 3.5″ bay area, you can opt to arrange the bay in 3 different configurations, aiming out to the panel, aiming in to the motherboard area, and aiming front toward the bezel (hey, some people like that option!) Coolermaster thought of everything! The slogan on the Coolermaster site for this case is “When size doesn’t matter!”, and I beg to differ! When size *DOES* matter, this case can accommodate it! From the large area for the power supply, to the smaller 2.5″ hard drives, to the larger/longer video cards… and I have not even touched on the fan options for this case yet! 

If you were to go *120mm* variety, you are granted placement seating in all of the following locations:
2 cool air intakes in the front, one exhaust on the rear/top, 2 more exhaust on the top “chimney” and one cool air intake on the side panel. 

Now, with the advent of some newer, larger fan form factors, this case will handle 140mm and 200mm varieties of fans in different places! 

Cooler Master HAF 912 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ATX, Cooler Master, HAF, Mid Tower 4

If you want to eschew the complexity of 2 fans, the 2 locations where you have dual 120mm fans, you can opt to drop in a larger, single 200mm fan! And on the side panel door, if 120mm just ain’t big enough, then you can opt for a 140mm fan there. 

It’s all about the upgrades and flexibility, and this case has it in spades! 

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