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Cooler Master Sonuz Headset

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A Closer Look

Cooler Master Sonuz Cooler Master Sonuz

The Cooler Master Sonuz comes from the CMStorm side of the Cooler Master house. Their artwork on their packaging has always been impressive. However, less is more here. The package clearly shows the Cooler Master Sonuz headset nestled away in the box with the back of the box details how and why the Cooler Master Sonuz was designed.

Cooler Master Sonuz

 Tucked away neatly in form fitting plastic shell is the Cooler Master Sonuz, along with product materials.

Cooler Master Sonuz

 The Cooler Master Sonuz headset is impressive. The headset is large in size. The Cooler Master Sonuz features two large 53mm drivers covered by comfortable 97mm ear pads. The ear pieces adjust up and down around three inches and should fit practically anyone.

Cooler MAster Sonuz Cooler Master Sonuz

The Cooler Master Sonuz features an independent volume control. The microphone can be turned on and off with the switch located at the top of the volume control. Two 3.5mm gold plated jacks provide the path for the audio. Gold plated jacks are used as gold is a great conductor with low resistance. Lower resistance leads to better audio quality. One jack is for the microphone and the other jack is for the headset audio in.


Cooler Master Sonuz Cooler Master Sonuz

The Cooler Master Sonuz headsets main feature is the 53mm driver. The 53mm driver is covered by a plush 97mm felt covered earpiece. The earpiece is extremely soft and allows a little bit of air circulation around the ear to help prevent heat and sweat from being trapped. The headband of the Cooler Master Sonuz is padded with the same felt covering and has ample padding help ease the pain of wearing a headset for those long gaming sessions. Overall the headset is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Cooler Master Sonuz Cooler Master Sonuz

Another nice feature of the Cooler Master Sonuz is the ability to move the microphone from one side of the headset to the other. A number of headsets on the market do not have the ability to do this.

Cooler Master Sonuz Cooler Master Sonuz

To remove the microphone, move the microphone a little past 90° in the vertical position then pull straight out. The microphone will pop out with very little force. The connector on the microphone is a 3.5mm. The boom of the microphone is very flexible but stays in the position that it is placed.


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