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CoolerMaster MasterBox Lite 5 Review: Modder’s Delight

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Building out a new rig? Don’t know where to start? It all starts with the budget and the right case. If you are on the a budget for the entire build, your selections for the case can become somewhat limited. Of course everyone wants the best bang for the buck and finding the right case for the job could be very challenging. What most of us end up doing is finding the manufacturer that offers great, stylish cases that are scaled down versions of previous cases. Cooler Master is one of the oldest case manufacturers out there and their selection of feature-full cases range from full-ATX all the way down to ITX LAN boxes. They constantly strive to provide customers with great selection of full-tower cases and lighter versions (Lite). A good example is the MasterBox series. MasterBox offers various options, the latest of which is the MasterBox Lite 5.

The MasterBox Lite 5 is a compact, mid-size case that shares most of the features of its sibling MasterBox 5. This case offers the ability to host the latest motherboards, video cards and water-cooling loops along with comprehensive cable and hard drive management. Like most of its predecessors in the MasterBox line, the Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5 offers a completely hidden power supply enclosure which makes your case look as neat as possible.

Review Sample Provided byCooler Master
Product Name: MasterBox 5 Lite
Price at time of review$ 49.99 USD
Product was given in exchange for work done to produce this review.

The MasterBox Lite 5 comes in a recycle-friendly shipping box. This box is frugal and could be easily damaged when something more than 20 lb /40 Kg is stacked on top. A general description and some of the features could be found on each of the sides of the box.

The case is supported by two plastic foam holders that keep this case snugged in the shipping box. I had a difficulty removing the entire case from the shipping box as the foam was very tightly up against the inner walls. The entire case was in the plastic bag to help with any shipping mishap and plastic parts of the case were covered by a protective film to avoid any accidental scratches. The MasterBox Lite 5 comes with a small accessory box, an instruction manual, a bag of screws and zip-ties. The accessory box has two different sets of face plates if you don’t like the stock color of the front grill inserts.

Technical Specifications

Product NameMasterBox Lite 5
Model NumberMCW-L5S3-KANN-01
Available ColorBlack
MaterialsSteel, Plastic
Dimensions (LxWxH)468.8 x 200 x 454.5mm
Motherboard SupportATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Expansion Slots7
Drive Bays5.25″No
Combo 3.5″ / 2.5″2
I/O PanelUSB 3.0 x 2
Audio in / out
Pre-installed Fan(s)Rear120mm x 1 black fan
Fan SupportFront120mm x 3 / 140mm x 2
Rear120mm x 1
Liquid Cooling SupportFront240mm / 280mm / 360mm radiator (limited) up to 50mm thickness without fan
Rear120mm x 1
ClearanceCPU Cooler160mm / 6.3″
PSU180mm / 7.1″
Graphics Card400mm / 16.14″
400mm / 16.14″ (w/o 3.5″ HDD Cage)
Cable RoutingBehind Motherboard Tray25mm – 35mm / 0.98″ – 1.38″
Dust FiltersFront, bottom
Power Supply SupportBottom mount, ATX
EAN Code4719512059685
UPC Code884102032073


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