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Silverstone Lucid LD03

Lucid LD03

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Silverstone Lucid black

When Silverstone offered to send over their new Lucid LD03, we were immediately intrigued.  In a market dominated by downsized versions of popular mid-tower cases and uninspiring cube cases, the Silverstone Lucid LD03 appeared to offer a fresh new take on the very idea of what an ITX case could be, with its asymmetrical glass panels, angular vents, and a vertical airflow design reminiscent of Silverstone’s own Raven series or Phanteks’s Shift cases.  So does the Silverstone Lucid LD03 live up to its looks?  That’s what we are going to find out.

The LD03 is part of Silverstone’s new Lucid line that also includes the MATX LD01 and LD02, however, it shares little in common with the other two Lucid cases beyond its use of tempered glass panels.  Whereas the LD01 and LD02 are fairly standard MATX cases, the LD03 uses the rotated layout pioneered by Silverstone’s Raven cases to circumvent the airflow issues that have plagued modern tempered glass cases.





MaterialDark tinted tempered glass, satin plastic, steel
Front PanelDark glass on a plastic frame
Side PanelsDark glass on steel brackets
Top PanelRemovable plastic cover
Back PanelSteel
Front Ports2x USB 3.0

2x Audio I/O

Weight5.34 kg /11.77 lbs
Dimensions265 mm (W) x 414 mm (H) x 230 mm (D)
10.43″ (W) x 16.3″ (H) x 9.06″ (D)



Motherboard CompatibilityMini ITX, Mini DTX
Max Cooler Height190 mm / 7.48 in
Max GPU Length274 mm / 10.78 in (Oversize* up to 309 mm / 12.16 in)
Max GPU Width145 mm / 5.70 in (Oversize* up to 167 mm / 6.57 in)
Max GPU Thickness2 slot
GPU WattageUp to 200W** – Air cooled (open air design)

Up to 300W** – Air cooled (blower design)

Over 300W – Hybrid or liquid cooled

Power Supply TypeSFX, SFX-L
Storage Drive Bays2x 2.5 in


1x 2.5 in + 1x 3.5 in

Expansion Slots2
Total Fans Supported2x 120 mm
Top Fan120 mm (preinstalled)
Bottom Fan120 mm (preinstalled)
Top Radiator Support1x 120 mm, single fan only
Bottom Radiator Support120 mm, single fan or push-pull
Dust FiltersBottom panel

Back panel power supply intake

* The LD03 does not support GPU’s that are oversized in both length and width.  A GPU that is oversize in one dimension must not exceed the other dimension’s maximum.

** Silverstone recommends that you avoid using cards above this wattage due to the glass side panel limiting airflow to the graphics card.


Included Accessories

Fan Splitter Cable1x Two-way splitter
Spare Pop Rivets2x

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