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Cougar Conquer Essence Mini Tower Case Review

Micro ATX Open Air Case Design With Style

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A Closer Look at Cougar Conquer Essence

Construction of the case is entirely based on light weight aluminum. Skeleton of the Cougar Conquer Essence is essentially supported by four aluminum rods which hold everything in place. Motherboard tray is non removable and has a large cutout for managing and installing CPUs. Cable management in this case, like any other open design case, is a chore to do. If you are planning to use custom cables I strongly recommend using the right length and as few as possible.

The front of the case is opened on the sides to provide ventilation. The only logo found on this case is in the front of the case. Back of the case is pretty much opened. There is a five slot PCI bracket that is part of the motherboard tray that offers support to your PCI devices.

Cooling in this case can be via traditional fans or with water cooling systems. Conquer Essence is capable of hosting two 120mm fans in Front and Top or support for 240mm radiators in Front or Top. Entire case is held on four sticker like rubber feet. Actual feet are extension of the case.

Front facing IO panel is mounted from the inside of the case via two screws. IO panel offers two USB 3.0 ports, Mic in and Headphone out jacks, reset and power buttons. Power supply in this case is mounted on the bottom. The power supply mounting shield is also an extension of the motherboard tray.

Tempered glass is slightly tinted on both sides of the case and has a thickness of 5mm. Each side has four mounting holes which are supported by rubber washers. Glass itself is secured to the case via large decorative screws.

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