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Cougar Surpassion RX Wireless Mouse Review

A Wireless Mouse Like No Other

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A Closer Look at the Cougar Suprassion RX

Cougar Surpassion RX 1

At first glance, the Surpassion RX looks identical to the original Surpassion Gaming mouse from Cougar. The Surpassion RX even uses the same PixArt PMW3330 optical sensor that the original Surpassion Gaming mouse used. The main difference being the original Surpassion being wired and the Cougar Surpassion RX being wireless. However, the Cougar Surpassion RX can be used wired by plugging in the included micro-USB cable meant for charging the mouse.


Cougar Surpassion RX 2

As mentioned, the Surpassion RX is charged through a micro-USB port on the top side of the mouse. The Micro-USB cable that comes packed with the Surpassion RX is 1.8 meters long. The Surpassion RX also comes with an extra set of glide pads. This is a great added accessory. Several times I’ve worn out the feet on a mouse and its never the same again.

The Cougar Surpassion RX has the traditional features you’d expect to see on a mouse. There are both left and right-click buttons, as well as a scroll wheel. The scroll wheel is RGB backlit. Just below the scroll wheel is a button for switching between different lighting presets. The Surpassion RX allows you to choose one of 13 different backlight modes (11 single-color, 2 multicolor) by simply pressing the button below the scroll wheel. On the palm rest section of the Surpassion RX is a Cougar logo, also illuminated by RGB lighting.

The Cougar Surpassion RX is designed with first-person shooters in mind. The shape of the Surpassion RX is designed to accommodate both claw and palm grip style gamers alike. On the left side of the Surpassion RX, there two buttons placed just above where your thumb rests, pending you’re right-handed. The left side of the mouse is contoured perfectly for a spot to rest your ring and pinky fingers. In fact, the Surpassion RX felt very natural in my hand. Even more comfortable than the G502 that has been my daily driver mouse for several years now.

Being a wireless mouse, the Surpassion RX needs a way to communicate with your computer. The mouse connects to your computer through a USB wireless dongle. This wireless dongle runs on 2.4 GHz wireless. Even running on wireless, the Surpassion RX has an amazing 1 ms response time. So latency with this wireless mouse will not be an issue. When not in use, or running the Surpassion RX in wired mode, the wireless dongle attaches to the mouse through the use of magnets. However, I did notice it’s not the most powerful magnet. When stored in my laptop bag, the dongle often got misplaced. So now, the dongle just lives within my laptop so it doesn’t get lost.

On the underside of the Cougar Surpassion RX. you’ll find the PixArt PMW3330 sensor. To the right of the sensor is an on-off switch. The switch only needs to be on when used in wireless mode. Below the Cougar logo is a small LCD screen. this screen displays the DPI that can be set as high as 7200 DPI, the polling rate and the battery life. On either side of the LCD screen, there is a button. The button on the left adjusts the DPI. The different DPI presets are 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 5600 and 7200 DPI.

However, the Cougar Surpassion RX has many more than six DPI settings. Hold the left button down for a few seconds, and the DPI setting will start to bling. Once the number is blinking, you have the ability to set the DPI to any number between 50 and 7200, in steps of 50. The button on the right adjust the polling rate of the mouse. The settings for the polling rate are 125, 250, 500, and 1000 Hz. However, holding the right button down and you can adjust the lift-off distance. There are two settings for the lift-off distance, L for low and H for high. Lift-off distance is the point in which the sensor stop will tracking the cursor when the mouse is lifted off the surface. Holding down both buttons will allow you to either enable or disable  Angle Snapping on the mouse. What angle snapping does is predicts when you want to draw a straight line and then correct your mouse movements so it goes in a straight line.

Surpassion RX LED display

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