Enemy Territory Quake Wars Radio Pack : by AmericanFreak

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The Ammo case already had the basic shape and well it was the only thing I could find that fit…lol Now you got to remember that I was only able to find about 4 screenshots that even had the radio in them and only two that had a fairly close shot of them. I tried to make the case look like the actual screenshots rather than create my own modded version. I don’t have all the fancy tools that most top modders have, I have my hands and hand tools. I actually kind of like it like this as it really means that I have to create stuff for the mod rather than do a CAD drawing and let a machine do the work :-) I tore the case down. Luckily I had access to a sand blaster so I sand blasted the parts to removed the paint and prep the surface for painting. This saved me many hours of work.


Here is my hightech spray booth, a stick with a bent coat hanger. The Arizona heat and sunshine works great for a “Bake-On” finish.

I will be putting a dark green primer on any item that I will be painting green. I started off with the side panel that has the mesh windows. I like to start spraying items along the edges as it is much easier to blend the larger areas into the smaller ones and you will get less overspray into the larger areas. This gives you a much better finish.

Next I laid a base coat of a lighter green/tan looking paint on the panel. I amhoping this will help me achive the dirty faded look of the case in the screenshots later on after I apply the darker gren paint.

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