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Enermax AQUAFUSION 240 AIO RGB Sync Review

Performance at Affordable Price

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Never disappointing Enermax has done it again this time with AquaFusion 240 All in One RGB Sync cooler. If you want to get a maintenance free all in one cooling system then this is the product to consider. This nice and neat package has it all. Performance, ease of installation and RGB Lightning are AquaFusions strongest features. This particular product is aimed at average user/game however I did find that it’s also capable to provide an exceptional cooling at overclocked speed for the computer enthusiasts.

The performance of AquaFusion 240 is flawless. I really can’t add or subtract anything from this AIO unit, it just works. What I noticed in my benchmarking is the short delay between when my CPU reached 100% utilization and when the pump started to pump faster. This is due to the Shunt Channel Technology which boosts thermal conductivity allowing for quicker cooling across the thermal plate.

RGB Sync works well right out of the box. Some Gigabyte motherboard have a proprietory connector and will need to use the included adapter that Enermax provides.


The price point of Enermax AquaFusion 240 is currently set at about $ 110 USD. Some of Enermax competitors have solutions for under $ 100 and some well above. So, it leads me to believe that AquaFusion 240 is fairly and competitively priced right in the middle of the All in One cooling system. Overall I am impressed and overly satisfied with the features and performance Enermax AquaFusion 240 has to offer.



Modders-Inc Hardware Must Have Award


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  1. Hi all, I am a bit confused with this review. It seems to be a great AIO but I cannot understand the testing methodology as it seems different to the recent review of the other Enermax Liqtech II 360 which seems to perform much worse than this. Can you tell me whether I have missed something as I am planning to buy a new AIO and was looking at the Liqtech II for my 8700K which I am overclocking. Your help is appreciated.

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