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Star Wars Power Cell Station by Ken Byrnes #CMCASEMOD2016

Power Cell by Zenator

Ken “Zenator” Byrnes is new to case modding but his work shows some impressive creative choices as observed on his Star Wars Power Cell Station scratch-build mod. Believe it or not, this is Ken’s only second casemod, his first being a Fallout 4 tower-mod featured on one of our previous podcast episodes. He is entering both builds in Cooler Master’s Case Mod World Series 2016, one per category under tower and scratch-built. The Power Cell case is a cylindrical tower using a mini-ITX motherboard, a floating reservoir and vertically mounted video card.

Fallout 4 by Ken Byrnes

UPDATE: 2/17/2016 – Ken has informed us that unfortunately, the Fallout 4 case does not meet the CM requirement for the tower case category, although the Star Wars Power Cell featured here is still in the competition.


Power Cell by Zenator

Words from the modder:

Being  this was my second PC I wanted it to be different from any other PC out there, And the only way I could do that was to build one from the ground up. I wanted it to run cool and still stand out from the normal square looking PC. So I sat down and started to design one. And from the start I know it had to be a round and needed to be themed based, And Star Wars was first on my list of themes.

ASUS helped out with the MoBo & GPU. And I funded the rest of the build. The build took a bit longer that I had expected but I was my first time scratch building a case so I did not have a real good grasp on how much work there would be in building it.


Power Cell by Zenator

The Power Cell has 3 x 120 slim EK rads in the top part of the case, Each rad has 2 fans fitted to it in a push pull taking air from the inside of the case blowing it out the top. The cool air is pulled in from the bottom vents at the base of the case, That air enters the case from under the back of MoBo cooling it as well.

The water cooling loop runs in and out of the case 3 times each time parsing through one of the rads then runs back to the res in the center then to the CPU then back to the pump. and then repeats.



 In the bottom of the case is the is a 1000watt Corsair PSU. that takes air in from underneath the case with it’s own removable filter and blows the hot air out the back so no heat enters the case.

The GPU is remote fitted to one of the pillars by 2x 300mm PW-PCI-E Lian le rise cards convert cables. That pulls air in from the outside that is filtered with a removable filter, and air is also taken from the inside of the case and blows it down into a chamber at the bottom and out to the back of the case, so the hot air is not entering the the case.

Power Cell by Zenator

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