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Fractal Design Define XL R2 ATX Full Tower Computer Case

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In Depth Look Continued

The Define XL R2 is equipped with two dust filters at the air intakes to prevent the dust from entering the case. To clean the PSU dust filter, simply slide the filter toward the area of the case and remove it. To clean the front filter, open the door panel and push the symbols on the hatch to open the fan door. Then just pull down the lever on the top of the filter. Very simple removable compared to some other cases out there where you have to take off panels and unscrew parts of the case to get at the dust filters.

Fractal Design Define XL R2 Computer Case  
DSC_1516 DSC_1518

Let’s take a look at water cooling options. Even though this case wouldn’t work with hardcore water cooling, it would be the perfect case for someone who is building their first loop.

  • Top Panel: 2x 120mm fans or 2x 140mm radiators can be installed. The distance to the top of the motherboard is 68mm ensuring that radiators with fans fit within this space. Ideal radiator would be a 30mm thick 280mm radiator with a pair of 25mm thick 140mm fans in a push configuration.
  • Front Panel: Installing water-cooling in the front requires upper hard drive cage to be repositioned or removed. Once removed, 2x 120mm radiators can be mounted directly behind the front panel. Ideal radiator for this space would be a 60mm thick 240mm radiator with a pair of 25mm thick 120mm fans in a push/pull configuration.
  • Bottom and Rear Panels: Single 120mm radiators can be mounted at the fan positions on the bottom and rear panels. Ideal radiators for this space would be a 60mm thick 120mm radiator with two 25mm thick 120mm fans in push/pull configuration for the bottom of the case. For the rear, a 30mm thick 120mm radiator with a 25mm thick 120mm fan in a push configuration would be ideal.



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