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FUNC MS-3 Gaming Mouse Review

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 Final Thoughts

Does the new shape take some time to get used to; I would say yes. Your hand memory of how a standard mouse feels gets all whacked out when you first grab the MS-3 mouse. After using it for a while you start to get use to the new feeling and begin to get more comfortable and understand the design and layout of the buttons. Those that have smaller hands will probably feel as if they have to spread their hand wide to use it, while those with medium to larger hands will enjoy the wide stance as it will fit them better.

 FUNC MS-3 Gaming Mouse Review FUNC, Gaming Mouse 1

When I first opened up the box and got to see the FUNC MS-3 gaming mouse my reaction was “Oh, interesting” but as soon as I put my hand over it that Oh was changed to “Oh, that’s nice”. With a normal mouse you have to grab the sides with both your thumb and pinky to get the most control, but with the FUNC MS-3 design three of your fingers fit right in to the grooves and make controlling the mouse a breeze. No more squeezing the mouse, which for me is great as my hand feels better after long gaming or computer using sessions.




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