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GEIL Super Luce 3200 RGB SYNC Ready Ram Review

GEIL Super Luce 3200 RGB

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Closer Look at GEIL Super Luce 3200

As all DDR4 RAM Super Luce 3200 has 288 pins and if you look closely you can see height deviation in about the middle of the module. The Asus Aura Sync sticker can be removed with ease but I recommend keeping the spec sticker just in case you have issues with this RAM. Warranty is limited however a return is always an option when/if you having issues.

GEIL Super Luce 3200 RGB

Construction of the heat sink is based on two interlocking aluminum plates. No screws or glue is found here however, I did find thermal pads attached to memory chips that held both of the sides together.

The RGB LEDs are placed on the top of the module and there are five of them. To amplify the effect of the RGB color changing a milky white plastic diffuser is used. Actually, it works very well. The color is vivid and very bright. Memory chips in Super Luce 3200 are by Samsung SEC 828 k4A8608 and RGB MCU is provided by ENE Technology 6k5830UA0. The chips are placed only on one side of the PCB.

Product Specifications

Series Super Luce RGB Sync
Form Factor LONG DIMM
Channel Dual Channel
Frequency 3200MHz
Kit Capacity 16GB
Module Capacity 8GB
Latency CL 14
Voltage 1.35V
Heat Spreader Colors Black/White
Compatibility RGB UI Support on applicable motherboards
Additional Technology Intel XMP 2.0
Warranty Geil Limited Lifetime Warranty





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