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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In my conversations with the manufacturer, I heard about HyperX’s double shot PBT keycaps.  They looked interesting, so I went and picked some up. These are going to set you back $25.00.
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Rather than just the text on the keys being lit up, only the top 1/4 of the key is black. The rest of the keys are a translucent white that’s designed to diffuse the LEDs underneath. I put the Double Shot PBTs on about 3/4 of the way through my testing and so far they’ve held up well. Time will be the true test. I expect a $25 add-on to not have any issues.


HyperX released their first keyboard, the Alloy FPS, and while it was a “good” keyboard it did have a couple of shortfalls that I still think are valid today. The first of which is the lack of a passthrough USB 2.0 port. The second is the fact that nowhere in the documentation did it mention how to enable N-Key rollover. By default, the 6-key rollover was enabled and it took a keypress combination to enable N-key rollover. Thankfully these gripes have been addressed with the Alloy Elite. Out of the box, N-key worked and the USB 2.0 port functions as intended. However, I believe it’s time to start moving to USB 3.0. But USB 2.0 will work fine to connect a gaming mouse or gaming headset.



The lighting on the keyboard at max brightness light the keyboard very well. In a dark room, it may be a little distracting. There’s a brightness button on the keyboard to adjust it. The lighting leaks a  bit below the keys and that’s a result of the Cherry MX switch design as there is a little bit of the switch visible just under the key cap. If you wanted to limit the light leaks, a bit of black paint just around the lower edge of the switch should do it.  Now with RGB lighting, I don’t run the Rainbow colors. I tend to pick a color or two. Rainbow is good for photographs and testing the LEDs to make sure they display the colors. I love RGB because it gives me options for what I want.

I use every keyboard I review and I have to say, I think I’m pretty hard on them and have put more than one in its grave over the years. I have had keyboards that haven’t lasted very long. I’ve been beating on this keyboard for the last few months and it’s held up well. The keyboard hasn’t missed a beat for either typing and gaming. With this keyboard being blue switches, I tend it hit the keys pretty hard and the stock keycaps have held up well.

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB. The build quality of the keyboard is fantastic. It’s very solid and since it’s using a steel frame up on the top, there’s no flex when typing. Personally, my favorite keys are Cherry MX Blue and they feel great on this keyboard. The included wrist rest was comfortable during long hours of gaming or typing. The texture of the rest does catch dirt and grime but is fairly easy to clean with a little brush. At $140 USD, the Alloy Elite sits right in the middle of the price range however, there’s not a whole lot to distinguish it from the competitors. The mechanical keyboard market is a tough market. With the high build quality of the Alloy Elite, I expect the keyboard to match others on the market for longevity. So with that, it comes down to pure choice. Out of the many mechanical gaming keyboards that I’ve tested, nothing really stands out above the crowd and the same can be said for the shortcomings. If you’re looking for a good mechanical gaming keyboard, take a look at all the options and include the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB on your short list.


Modders-Inc Recommended Hardware Award



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  1. Hey, is that 3 star rating in the article’s summary correct? Because it does not seem to match: “Overall, I’m extremely impressed with the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB.”

  2. Thanks for bringing that up. The star ratings are new and I totally forgot to set it before I published the article. I’ve updated it to 4 stars, as it should be. While I am impressed with the keyboard. The build quality is great. There’s just not much to distinguish it from the rest of the high-end keyboards on the market.

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