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Kingwin HTC XT-1264 CPU Cooler

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As of lately, it seems that a lot of companies are branching out into other product lines; Kingwin is one of those companies. Until recently I had not noticed that they started offering CPU coolers and they currently show four different variations on their site, along with several other product lines. Today we are going to take a look at a budget minded cooler from them, the Kingwin XT-1264 HTC. The XT-1264 HTC falls in the 120mm class of heatpipe coolers. Will the XT-1264 HTC be able to keep up with the likes of the Titan Fenrir or Cooler Master Hyper N620? Read on to see how it rated in our testing.

Kingwin HTC XT-1264 CPU Cooler CPU Cooler, HTC XT-1264, Kingwin 1

Sponsor: Kingwin


First Impression

Kingwin HTC XT-1264 CPU Cooler CPU Cooler, HTC XT-1264, Kingwin 2     Kingwin HTC XT-1264 CPU Cooler CPU Cooler, HTC XT-1264, Kingwin 3


  The Kingwin XT-1264 comes packed in a windowed retail box which will allow anyone looking to purchase the cooler at local retail shop to see what they are getting. On the front of the package we see a single picture of the XT-1264’s base which reveals its HTC (Heat-pipe Touch Chip). One will also notice by looking at the left front edge of the box that the XT-1264 supports the Core i7 (LGA1366) processors. Flipping the package around to the rear we will find the specifications for the XT-1264 CPU cooler.

Kingwin HTC XT-1264 CPU Cooler CPU Cooler, HTC XT-1264, Kingwin 4

  Upon opening the box you will notice that the cooler is sandwiched in a clam shell style blister pack to hold everything in its place during shipping. Although this is not my ideal packaging method, it generally does its job except in the most extreme situations (angry delivery drivers that like to throw things).

Kingwin HTC XT-1264 CPU Cooler CPU Cooler, HTC XT-1264, Kingwin 5


  With the XT-1264 out of the packaging, one might think that the cooler reminds them of the popular Xigmatek coolers. The XT-1264 comes with a pre-installed 120mm fan that is rated at 700 – 2300 RPMs and 82 – 101 CFMs while producing roughly 34 – 38 dBA. Although the above image really doesn’t show it, the XT-1264 comes with the AMD mounting bracket pre-installed. The cooler measures in at 120mm (L) x 74mm (W) x 150mm (H) and weighs roughly 467g.

  At first glance I thought the XT-1264 looked a lot like the old Xigmatek HDT S1283 I reviewed a couple of years ago. After taking a few seconds to check out Xigmatek’s latest coolers. It is apparent that it is obviously an updated version closer to the HDT S1284. With little effort one should easily be able to come to the conclusion that the similarities are due to the fact that the cooler is OEM’d by Xigmatek. This means that we should see some acceptable performance numbers from the Kingwin XT-1264.

Kingwin HTC XT-1264 CPU Cooler CPU Cooler, HTC XT-1264, Kingwin 6

  Also included with the XT-1264 CPU cooler is the two Intel (LGA1366 and LGA775) mounting brackets, User’s Manual, thermal paste, and a spreader.

  • Model: XT-1264
  • Intel: Socket 1366/775/Core i7/Core 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo/Pentium Extreme Edition/
    Celeron D
  • AMD: Socket AM2/754/939/940/Athlon 64/FX/X2/Opteron/Sempron
  • 4 pcs High Performance U Type Heat-pipe Touch w/ CPU Chip
  • Easy installation
  • Direct H.T.C. (Heat-pipe Touch Chip) Technology
  • 4 Copper Heatpipes
  • 120 mm NDB Fan
  • Aluminum fin
  • Light weight
  • Tool-Free clip
  • Universal Application: 1366/LGA775 push-pin & AM2/K8 Tool-Less Clip


Model: XT-1264
Dimension: 120mm (L) x 74mm (W) x 150mm (H)
Heat Sink:
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Base: Copper (Heat-pipe Touch Chip)
Heat-Pipe: Φ 6 x 4
Dimension (W) x (H) x (D) mm: 120 x 120 x 25 PWM fan
Voltage Rating (V): 12V
Speed (R.P.M.): 700 ~2300 RPM
Bearing Type: N.D.B. Bearing
Air Flow (CFM): 82.0~101.2 CFM
Static Pressure (mmAQ): 3.28~3.97 mmAQ
Life Expectance (hrs): 60,000 Hrs.
Noise Level (dBA): 34.50~38.00 dBA
Connector: 4 Pin with PWM
Weight(g): 467g (w/fan)

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