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LEPA G850-MAS 80 PLUS Gold Certified Power Supply

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Testing Overview:



  Now, in the actual testing of the LEPA G850-MAS 80 PLUS Gold Certified Power Supply, I tested each and every cable and connector to make sure of every voltage of each rail and at each connector.


Power test layout24 pin power test

    The very first screen you get when after plugging in your PSU cables and flipping on the power switch to your PSU is the screen showing what you actually have plugged in to test. These items will be listed at the bottom of the tester. As you can see, I had everything plugged in to test.

  Once plugged in and ready to test simply press the test button on the side of the DR Power and you should here the PSU make a click as it starts the test. The first test (the picture on the right) is the 24 pin ATX motherboard power test, which checks the +5V, +12V, +3.3V, and -12V rails of the PSU, as well as the 5v supplemental battery and the PG.  As you can see everything tested within the acceptable voltage levels. This was checked on every single cable and connector and throughout the whole battery of tests the only fluctuation I found was in the PG signal, which was nominal from around 357 PG to 360 PG.

  Note:  Besides the voltages and currents that the computer needs to operate, power supplies also provide a signal called the “Power-Good” signal. Its purpose is to tell the computer all is well with the power supply and that the computer can continue to operate normally. If the Power-Good signal is not present, the computer shuts down. The Power-Good signal prevents the computer from attempting to operate on improper voltages and damaging itself. The Power good value is based on the delay in ms, that a power supply takes to become fully ready. Power good values are often considered abnormal if detected lower than 100ms or higher than 900ms.


PCI power testCPU power test

   The next test I ran was the PCI-E test on the 8 pin PCI-E cables. The result can be seen in the left image above, the value maintained a steady 12.1v throughout all the testing. After the PCI test came the CPU voltage test, which can be seen in the right hand image above. The reading of 12.0v also remained the same throughout all of the tests.


Molex power testSata power test

   The Molex voltage test came after the CPU test and the results are in left hand image above. The 5.0v and 12.0v Molex voltages also remained the same throughout every test I performed. The SATA voltage test was the final test, shown in the right hand image above. Again the SATA 5.0v, 12.0v and 3.3v voltages remained the same throughout all of the tests I performed using the Dr Power II on each cable and connector.

  Again, I want to assure you I checked each and every cable and connector of the LEPA G850-MAS 80 PLUS Gold Certified Power Supply, and I even did so twice just to be sure. And the voltages I listed above remained steady, with the only fluctuation being in the PG signal, which again was a nominal 3 point range, from 357ms to 360 ms.


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