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Mean:IT 5PM LUM RED Case Review

Red Light Special

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Hardware Installation and Clearance Compatibility

  • Internal length: 370mm.
  • Internal height: 340mm.
  • Internal depth: 170mm.

Front mounted:

  • 3 Front : 3 x ARC RED LED 120mm.
  • Radiator 120/240/280/360mm.
  • Maximum front radiator thickness is (120-280mm-60mm)(360mm-50mm).

Rear mounted:

  • 1 Rear: 1 x ARC RED LED 120mm.
  • Radiator 120/140mm.

Top mounted:

  • Radiator: 120/240/280/360mm.
  • Maximum top radiator thickness is 30mm.


Power Supply:

  • There is no removable plate to make installation of PSU however I had no issues installing my PSU.

Video Card clearance:

  • There is 370mm of clearance before the reaching the front fan mounting area.

CPU Tower coolers:

  • CPU heat-sink height clearance is about 150mm.
  • Large CPU back plate cutout.

Installing components in to this case is fairly easy. I have not faced any issues as far as clearances goes. In this built I am using two R9 290 cards (270mm) and as you can see there are no issues fitting them in to this case. I tried to keep cabling as neat as possible however I had some what challenges in the back. The only cable that gave me trouble was the 24-pin power cable. If you are planning to use flat custom power supply cables you will not run in to any problems.

For any custom water cooling loops finding a right pump might be a little tricky for this case.  Your only feasible mounting point for a medium pump is on top of the PSU cover next to the video cards.  So if you have extended video card they would eat in to the pumps space.

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