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Mean:IT 5PM LUM RED Case Review

Red Light Special

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Final Thoughts

It is getting easier and easier to find the case that would turn heads. 5PM LUM RED definitely does a great job at that. There are multiple features in this case that are hard to not to like. One of its strongest and weakest sides is the tempered glass paneling. While providing an exceptionally stable case 5PM also packs some weight. This case is 22LB (11KG) just by itself. By the time you are done adding all of the internal components you should be looking at for at least a 35LB (17KG) case. If the weight is not an issue then 5PM wins the battle of value vs price.

If you are not in to the RED LEDs then you should consider other models of 5PM ARC (RED and BLUE), LUM (RED and BLUE) and BLK. Water cooling with AIO installations would be extremely easy however if you are planning to do a custom loop, keep in mind that not all of the pumps will fit this case. Current supported pumps are (AQ / D5 / DDC)(EKWB pumps).

Current price of 5PM LUM RED is $119 USD. This is very aggressive price for this Mid Tower case with tempered glass paneling and all of the features that are directed towards enthusiasts. If you are looking for a good show case for a decent price, consider 5PM. You will not be disappointed.

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