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Mean:IT 5PM LUM RED Case Review

Red Light Special

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A Closer Look at the Mean:IT 5PM LUM RED

The overall structure of 5PM is very solid. The case itself is made from steel sheet and double riveted where support is most needed (corners). The bottom portion of the case is reserved for the power supply. I really like the hidden power supply cases as they make the case appear neater. For cable management 5PM has a plastic cover in the middle of the case that keeps cables hidden from the naked eye. The fan controller as I have mentioned earlier is mounted on the back of the motherboard tray. The motherboard tray is non-removable and has an odd shape of a CPU maintenance window.

Front bezel is primarily made from ABS plastic however, the center of the bezel has tempered glass panel. This panel attached to the bezel and only could be removed by removing the bezel itself. 5PM has 7 PCI slots so enthusiasts have options on how to configure their PCI devices. Rear support for radiators is limited to 120mm and 140mm.

5PM controls are located on the top of the bezel. Here we have USB 2.0/3.0 connectors, reset button, power button, analog jacks for mic/headphones and three buttons for controlling the fan controller and its settings. Fan settings are Off, Low Speed and High Speed/Auto (Sync with motherboard).

The air is being pulled from the front of the case trough small holes. The main source of the air is being generated by three 120mm fans. These are RED LED fans that give accent to the entire case when lit. These fans have standard curved blades.

Power supply is mountable in the bottom rear section of the case. Supported sizes of the power supplies are 220mm and 330mm. The 330mm power supplies could be installed if the hard drive cage is removed.


Maintenance window on the motherboard tray has an odd opening. In most cases we see standard square or oval opening. The cable management shield could be removed when assembling your system or could be removed all together. LUM RED fans are CD12025L12FA. These are 12-volt fans with RED LEDs.

Entire product is supported by plastic feet with rubber inserts. Without these rubber inserts the case will move freely and you kind of need that extra grip on the flat surfaces. To filter air that is coming in to the case trough the power supply 5PM has a removable dust shield that should be cleaned regularly to maintain clean case.

The top section of the case allows installation of additional fans or radiators. Supported sizes of the radiators are 120/240/280/360mm. There is also a magnetic filter mesh that is used to filter air that is supplied in to the case.

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