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MNPCTECH Spring Loaded Heavy Duty Case Handles

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MNPCTECH Spring Loaded Heavy Duty Case Handles Handles, mnpctech 1
MNPCTECH Spring Loaded Heavy Duty Case Handles Handles, mnpctech 2

With the MNPCTECH Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Case Handles installed it was time to try them out a bit. here are a couple of shots of the handles in the open position. My daughter was kind enough to assist me by holding the handles as if lifting the case for a quick shot. 


Now, I do not have any pics of me holding the case up in the air by the handles, but believe me they are indeed strong enough to do so. lol I will leave that honor to Bill Owen, owner/founder of MNPCTECH and his videos. :) Suffice to say that transporting the case back to it’s spot in the work area was a piece of cake thanks to the handles. I would imagine you would have the same results carrying a case to a lan with these handles, … a cake walk. 

The sping in the handles serve to keep the handles from flopping around and vibrating when in the down position. the rubber grip will not only help protect your hand when carrying the case, but will also protect the paint surface of the case. I also noticed that the spring bails were slightly oiled to prevent rust and to assure smooth operation. 

Though installation was fairly simple a small instruction sheet might prove useful to those who are less than adept at installing such modifications to a computer case. Also, one must be rather careful with the paint finish of their case. That is why I preferred to make a small template instead of laying the hardware against my paint surface. 


Though the handles are typically mounted on the top these handles could be mounted in a variety of places. Something you may want to keep in mind for your next mod project. 


I was rather concerned about the lack of fender type washers to add a thicker wider mounting surface to the underside of the case top, as some cases are rather thin and a heavy system might prove to be stressful to the 3 mounting holes. Thus causing them to pull out / bend slightly when lifting a heavy case.

MNPCTECH Spring Loaded Heavy Duty Case Handles Handles, mnpctech 3

The above image on the left shows an example of what I mean by the nut pulling out / bending the metal slightly from the stress put on the area from lifting the case at such a small stress point. The image on the right shows that a wider washer would correct the problem by spreading the stress contact area. 


I contacted MNPCTECH about this and have since been informed that washers are now included with each pair of case handles. Now,  doubt that a thick steel case would be a problem, but we have all seen the thin lightweight cases of the day. I have to give Bill Owen / MNPCTECH Kudos for taking care of a “potential” issue well before any issues might possibly arise. It shows character! 

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