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New BitFenix Products Showcased at Computex 2015 (Image Gallery)

BitFenix, a company well-known for their innovative case designs and expanded product line displayed their latest and some of their upcoming products at Computex. While some of them are already available, BitFenix also had on display some of the items they are currently developing and would like to know what the public thinks before they become available in retail. The massive gallery below displays some of it but here are some technical details about their upcoming launches as well.  Let us know what you think, comment below, in our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages.


  • Coming in late Q3/early Q4
  • USB 3.1 A type USB 3.1 C type, plus dual USB 3.0
  • PWM signal repeater to control all system fans via mainboard CPU fan header
  • Completely tool-less HDD cage
  • Windows on both sides
  • Support for EATX boards
  • Thick 360 radiator support in the front, slim 360 radiators possible at the top
  • Both chambers can be pulled out in the rear with solid aluminum handles
  • Rails can be moved to invert the two chambers for a BTX-like setup with the main chamber on the right side of the case, so you can have the mainboard face you with the system on the left side of your desk plus slightly better VGA temperatures (video card model dependent)
  • MSRP $~399 USD


  • Coming in late Q3/early Q4
  • Similar to the Bitfenix Comrade but slightly cheaper because it lacks a tool-less HDD and SSD cage So it is affordable even for people on a budget or system integrators
  • MSRP will be ~$40 USD

Pandora ATX


  • Coming late Q3/early Q4
  • 360 radiators at the top and in the front
  • EATX mainboards
  • Optional 2.8″ display
  • Full-length PSU cover
  • HDD cage under PSU cover
  • Two SSDs can be mounted next to the mainboard tray
  • It will come with 4x USB: USB 3.1 A type, C type and dual USB 2.0
  • Instead of aluminum like the mATX Pandora, the ATX Pandora will come with steel side-panels
  • MSRP for Pandora ATX (basic model without LCD) will be only $99 USD

Magnetic LED strips

  • Coming in July
  • Similar price to current Alchemy LED strips
  • Orange LED color dropped, but Purple LED color option added.
  • Green LED was fine tuned to match the GEFORCE GTX of high-end Nvidia video cards
  • Color options will include: white, blue, red, green, purple
  • Lengths available: 12cm, 30cm and 60cm options and they are daisy-chainable
  • Power cable is 10cm longer than current Alchemy set for better cable management
  • The magnets are very strong but do not cause problems for the components, as long as they are not attached to memory, HDD’s or SSD’s directly
  • LED strips can be moved around and re-used in several builds over and over

More photos including White and Blue versions of the Aegis, Casemods and BitFenix in various booth displays:


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