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Noontec-TerraMaster D2-310: Direct Attached Storage with a kick.

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D2-310 a simple direct attached storage enclosure with simple instructions for RAID redundancy. This two bay device is supported by ASMedia USB 3.1 protocol and offers high speed transfer. On thing to keep in mind is the drive speed. As we have tested D2-310 with our NAS drives the transfers were matching USB 3.0 speeds. When we used our SSHD drives the transfer speed was drastically improved.

Over all performance in RAID 0 vs RAID 1 mode was acceptable and with expected speeds. Sound levels of D2-310 were silent and even under the heavy load didn’t seem to be any louder than 40dB. The unit remained cool trough our benchmarks and normal operations.

Currently D2-310 retails for about $ 160 USD and comparing to similar two bay devices by different companies D2-310 is a definitely high priced. Similar two bay devices are priced in $ 70 range and offer the same RAID protection as D2-310. If you are looking for more than two bay DAS, Noontec offers a 4 bay solution D4-310 that is priced at $199.99 USD however, the transfer speed is limited to USB 3.0.

Even though the price of D2-310 is substantially high over the competition, I strongly think that based on performance and reliability of this unit D2-310 is very much worth the price.

Noontec-TerraMaster D2-310: Direct Attached Storage with a kick. 2 bay, D2-310, DAS, Direct Attached, NAS, Noontec, Terra Master, usb 3.1 2


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