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NZXT Hades Mid Tower Computer Case

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The install took a pretty short time, requiring nothing exceptional. I did spend a bit more time than usual routing the temperature wires and deciding where to attach them, but this was not a big factor.

Check the long paragraph at the bottom of the page for a funny story about my initial attempts to turn the computer on.

The temperature monitor works excellently, providing a simple way to keep track of some key components without opening the case up. The display is a bit dim, and from odd angles it can be difficult to read the numbers properly. Luckily, looking from above and slightly right (my default case position) gives me a good view of the numbers.  There is a little tab on the backside of the display that allows you to convert between temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit. 

NZXT Hades Mid Tower Computer Case computer case, Hades, Mid Tower, NZXT 1

I did run into a small bit of trouble with that dislodged side fan I mentioned earlier. After I “fixed” it, I noticed that it ran with a noticeable wobble, which made a rather distracting noise in the case.  Again, I give NZXT the benefit of the doubt here — as I did not do a very precise job of fitting the parts back together and I have had several badly damaged packages come through this particular shipping company before.


This case produced great results in terms of cooling, I can’t feel the difference between intake and exhaust temperatures, which is a big difference from my previous cases. 

Warning: extremely long story about amusing reviewer fail follows.

Once I buttoned up the case, I plugged in my monitors, keyboard, mouse and power cable. Then I stopped and looked at the front of the case. “Where’s the power button?” I thought to myself.  I popped open the front door and pressed the shiny silver button thinking “this has to be the power button.” Nothing happened. 

I went back and made sure I had hooked up the “power sw” wires to the motherboard properly, toggled the power supply’s hard switch a few times, then pressed the silver button a few more times. “Why won’t this %*(@#& thing turn on?!”  I searched the front panel a few more times looking for the power button, then found the little press tab labeled “C/F” on the back of the front door. “Is this the power button?” I pressed that a few times, and nothing happened.

Getting really frustrated now, I just pulled the mother board header cable off and just shorted the two pins with my pocket knife. *whoosh* my computer was off and running. “Now why won’t that danged switch work?” leaving the wire to the power switch unplugged, I pushed that silver button again and poof, the system hard restarted. After I just sat there shocked for a bit, I closed the front door again and noticed that a little piece of the door was different than the rest. 

NZXT Hades Mid Tower Computer Case computer case, Hades, Mid Tower, NZXT 2

“A-HA!” I said out loud (getting a weird look from my roommate) I pressed the button triumphantly and nothing happened. Sheepishly I plugged the switch cable back into the motherboard and I finally had a working power button.

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