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OCZ Rally Flash Drive

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A Closer Look

     The OCZ Rally is constructed of an Aluminum chassis that is very sleek looking and stylish. The finish is not a slick, smooth finish. It is slightly rough texture and has grooves that run the length of the drive. This helps you maintain a good grip on the tiny device.

OCZ Rally Flash Drive Flash Drive 1 

     They only come in the color Black, which is nice but I think it would lend itself to be hidden from when you go to look for it, especially the cap portion. I would have liked to have seen a small strap or cord that connected the cap to the main body of the drive.

OCZ Rally Flash Drive Flash Drive 2 

     The non USB end of the rally drive has a loop that the Lanyard connects to. When plugged into the USB port the clear plastic end lights ups with a blue LED and flashes when the drive is being used.

OCZ Rally Flash Drive Flash Drive 3

     Compared an old Flash drive that I had the OCZ Rally Flash Drive is really small. This makes it nice if you plan on transporting it around in your pants or shirt pocket.

OCZ Rally Flash Drive Flash Drive 4 

     Unlike my old drive, the cap is just large enough to cover the USB connector. This helps in reducing the overall size of the Rally Drive.

OCZ Rally Flash Drive Flash Drive 5

     In case you do not have access to a front USB port on your or friends PC, OCZ also provides you a cable. The USB cable is about 20 inches in length and is very nice looking with the clear/silver strand showing.

 OCZ Rally Flash Drive Flash Drive 6

     Enough of me telling you how small the drive is. I will let the measuring tape show you the truth.


OCZ Rally Flash Drive Flash Drive 7

OCZ Rally Flash Drive Flash Drive 8

Tale of the Tape

     Below are the two options available to you to for transporting the OCZ Rally Flash Drive. The one on the left is using the included Lanyard, while the one on the right shows the key ring method.


OCZ Rally Flash Drive Flash Drive 9

OCZ Rally Flash Drive Flash Drive 10



Specifications Accessories
High Speed USB 2.0 Certified    Keyring     
True Plug and Play   Lanyard  
Dual Channel Technology    USB extension cable
Available in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB capacities   Blazing Speed
Dimensions: 2 5/8″(L) x 5/8″(W)   512MB – Up to 28MB/s (read), 15MB/s (write)   
Aluminum Chassis 1GB – Up to 25MB/s (read), 17MB/s (write)  
Blue LED Status Light     2GB – Up to 23MB/s (read), 17MB/s (write)
Lifetime Warranty  

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