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Patriot Extreme Performance Viper Series PC2-8500 4GB

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     The installation process, well this is straight forward. If your an overclocker, your first step would be to boot into the bios and set everything back to its stock values. You wouldn’t want to toss a different set of modules in to find out the hard way that they wont run the same settings. Next up you will want to power the system down, while making sure you discharge any and all static electricity from your body. Then carefully remove your existing memory modules and install the Patriot modules, while making sure that you have the modules aligned properly (Yes I know they should only go in one way, but trust me when I say “I have seen them forced in the wrong way”. Once they are physically installed, you will want to boot into the bios and verify that everything is showing as it should.

     At this point, I generally take a few seconds and manually set the timing and voltage. I have ran into issues on several boards over the last few builds that boot up at the wrong settings.

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