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Patriot Extreme Performance Viper Series PC2-8500 4GB

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     The Patriot Extreme Performance Viper PC2-8500 modules performed to their specifications, but failed to offer any decent overclocking potential. Although I can not blame the lack of overclocking directly on the Vipers, seeing that the XFX 680i LT board that I tested with isn’t the best overclocking mobo. I did toss the Vipers in a second setup and ran a few more test, which came out similar to our results in the graphs. The Patriot Vipers unique heatsink design does keep the modules fairly cool compared to the standard heatspreaders. The extra height of the heatsinks could pose a problem for a few of the larger CPU coolers though. Overall, I was pleased with the performance I achieved, but would have liked to see them overclock a little more. The Patriot Extreme Performance Viper DDR2-PC8500 modules are currently going for 119.00 US at NewEgg, which is a few bucks less than the OCZ Reaper we tested against.




+ Enhanced Latency (5-5-5-15)
+ Larger heatsinks for better cooling.
+ Lifetime Warranty
+ EPP Ready
+ Moderately Priced
– Size of the heatsinks might cause issues on some CPU coolers.
– Overclocking

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