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be quiet! Dark Base 700 Case Review

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Final Thoughts

Dark Base 700 is definitely an interesting case. In my short experience with be quiet!! Dark Base 700 I had no difficulties or complains about the structure of this case, durability or functionality. What makes this case stand out is the ability to be completely customized from the ground up. In the beginning of the review I had said that customization is what makes all of the difference and Dark Base 700 supports my statement. Right out of the box this case offers a simple yet powerful features which give this case a leg up on the competition. First I would like to address the stability of the case. It is incredibly solid on the flat surfaces. Dark Base 700 skeleton is made out of steel which greatly aids in the support for the entire case. While the case is close to 15Kg (30 LB) the top and front bezels of the case give that stylish brushed aluminum look. My only complaint is that the back side is made from rolled steel sheet that really doesn’t match the top or the front of the case which are made from brushed aluminum.

Internal features are pretty cool as well. Dark Base 700 has an internal PCB Panel which connects multiple peripheral together to the power source. What is worth to mention here is that this panel supports LED connectors for additional LED strips and motherboard integration. (such as Aura Sync RGB Lighting) RGB lighting in this case provides additional eye candy effect. Following are the mods which are not customizable but yet very vivid: White, Red, Green, Blue, Orange and Purple. All of these colors are supported by ‘breathing’ effect if desired.

be quiet!! includes two 140mm SilentWings 3 fans which can be controlled by the controller board. The fan controller can be adjusted to work in Performance mode or in Silence mode. In Performance mode the fan speeds are adjusted in the following order: Position 1 | 50%(800RPM), Position 2 | 70%(1120RPM) and Position 3 | 100%(1600RPM). In Silence mode the positions are as follow: Position 1 | 25%(400RPM), Position 2 | 45%(640RPM) and Position 3 | 65%(1040RPM). As you can see you can get very creative on how silent you want your system to be.

T be quiet! Dark base 700  will have a suggested price of $179USD / €189 / £174.90.I feel that the price is very fair for the amount of features you are getting. Great case! Highly recommend to check it out!

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  1. the motherboard tray is removable, otherwise it wouldnt be possible to have an inverted build, maybe thats a typo there on page “A Closer Look Continued” 2nd paragraph

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