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Raidmax Scorpio V Mid-Tower Case Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions


The Raidmax Scorpio V has definitely left a good impression on me. Build quality was much higher than expected. The case is very rigid and built to be very sturdy but isn’t overly heavy like some cases are. The white design provides a clean canvas which fits pretty well into virtually any color scheme you would want go with. The black accents really make the Scorpio V grab your attention.

With a price tag of just $79.99 USD it’s hard to call the Scorpio V a budget friendly case, but it’s definitely priced very well for the features you get. The case features tool-less optical drive bays as well as semi tool-less hard drive sleds. It’s understandable however that the hard drive sleds aren’t fully tool-less yet, though it would be a nice feature to have one or two sleds with exclusive support for solid state drives.

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