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Raijintek Triton Review: A Bold Alternative

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Final Thoughts about the Raijintek Triton

Bored by the glut of generic all-in-one coolers in the market, Raijintek’s Triton is a bold statement that is striking against this malaise. Bringing not just light and color (literally in this case), but economic reprieve as well, priced much lower compared to its competitors. Not surprisingly, Raijintek’s Triton is almost sold out anywhere because of this. Highest price is just a little above $100 but with the history of pricing from NCIXUS revealing that the lowest it has been is $71.99 and average is ~$90, although right now it is holding at $104.99 after a restock. That is still a very good price compared to most current AIO’s that are price at $119 or higher, especially considering the performance. There is also a CORE version of the Triton which does not come with the 120mm fans bundled for even less, although unfortunately I cannot seem to find that in US retail stores at the moment but other markets have that value option further.

Raijintek Triton Price history


Performance-wise, the bundled fan does a lot of the heavy lifting with great performance at stock but it is of course, understandably loud as well as is common with 240mm liquid coolers. The low setting is a good alternative for very quiet performance at stock as well and although it did not pass the strict FPU-only test at this setting, real-world performance would be more than reasonable. Very, very few AiO’s will pass this test anyway but most great tower coolers will. If you have a 7V adapter, this is a good alternative setting with decent noise level as well and a much better compromise than running the bundled fan at their full speed.

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The Triton’s greatest feature however is its customizability. Not just in terms of adding dye to the coolant but also the fact that users can swap out the hose for a hardline tubing or change the fittings if they wish so down the road. Even expand with a different radiator or block. This kind of customizability is not available in most all-in-one units because of their self-contained nature and Raijintek was wise to offer this option as it is rare. Naturally, this voids the warranty however so users who are not as comfortable with modding or taking risks will probably stick to playing it safe. Overall, the Raijintek Triton is a breath of fresh air in a sea of uninspired all-in-one cooling designs, offering an alternative that also performs well and competitively while providing it at a price that is simply unmatched, even by much larger companies. For this it earns the Modders-Inc “Must Have” award.

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