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Rosewill Legacy V4 Aluminum Cube Computer Case

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A Look Inside

To access the inside of the case you have to remove the left side panel by taking four screws out. Two are located towards the front of the case while the other two are around the edge and on the rear of the case. The side panel, like the rest of the case is made of 1.5 mm aluminum. Now before you can say “That sounds thin” it is not when a normal steel case in somewhere in the .6 to .7 mm thick range. Also the “walls” of the case is made from a single piece of aluminum and is bent four times. The single piece starts at the left front and ends up at the left rear of the case. Using a single piece helps keep the clean look and strengthens the case.




With the side panel off we get to finally see inside the case and yes the inside is just as clean looking as the outside. To save space the motherboard mounts directly to the right side panel. The hard drive cage has been moved to the left side of the case mounts horizontally to the front and back of the Rosewill Legacy V-4. A total of 3 hard drive have a place to be mounted within the case. Two of the drive can be mounted to the cage while the third one can be mounted in the center and directly to the base of the case.


Rosewill Legacy V4-S Silver Aluminum Alloy Mini-ITX Cube Computer Case Inside View

A close up of the audio and USB cables for the front of the case. Attached to these cable are some plastic stand off supports for the motherboard, wire ties, screws to mount cooling fans and hard drive mounting screws for 2.5 and 3.5 drives.

The top panel can be removed by unscrewing seven screws. These screw have a large flat head which is planned as rubber grommets are use as a spacer and when the screws are tightened they apply pressure to the frame and secure the top into place. Being able to remove the top made it easier to install the hardware in the small case, but I later found out that I could not put all the screws back into place because the hardware was in the way.



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