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Rosewill Legacy V4 Aluminum Cube Computer Case

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Hardware Install

During this part I will try and walk you through each piece that gets installed in to the Rosewill Legacy V4.



After placing the I/O plate into place I install the motherboard. This was pretty straight forward and there even some space left around it.




The power supply was next to go in. As you can see that it installs in the vertical position across from the motherboard. With no holes in the side panel where the PSU sits- which sits right on the panel- your only option is to place the fan towards the CPU.



Moving down and taking a closer look we can see that there is plenty of room below the installed power supply to install a dual slot graphics card.


With a 8 inch video card installed you have the room to plug in the power and do a bit of wire management. You can think about installing a larger card, but all you can do is think about.


Depending on what you want do to do with the case will tell what kind of drives you want to install in to it. With the ability to install three drives you have plenty of options to maximize your storage. Here I installed a SSD in the bottom of the while a single hard drive is placed in the cage for file storage.


Placing the hard drive holder back into place was easy and 4 screws are used to hold it into place. This is a nice design that uses the most of the space available.





A look down into the Rosewill Legacy V4 we can see that there is actually good amount of space left in the case. You can do you best to do some cable management but you will have any places to hide or run the cable. This is where a modular power supply is you best friend as you can use only the power cables need. We can that a after market cooler could be used but you will have to make sure that is a low profile unit. Using a All In One (AIO) CPU cooler might be a good idea, but with the limited space and mounting for only 80mm fans you are better off sticking to an air cooler.


With everything installed and the case closed up it rather nice and clean on the back side. With all the air slots there should be plenty of air movement to keep the hardware cool. Unfortunately with this much air flow you could see a fair amount of lint and dust collect inside the case, but I would rather deal with some dust than not having a good amount of air flowing through the case..

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