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Rosewill Legacy V4 Aluminum Cube Computer Case

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First Look

So you have been looking for a mini-ITX case that looks good and can house the hardware you want. Well you came to the right review and I will walk you through this review about the case and the features you get with the Rosewill Legacy V4 Aluminum Mini-ITX Cube Computer Case. You can get the case in two colors which is the silver one in the review along with a black version. I am not going to say that this case is super small but it is smaller enough to fit good hardware into it. The is 9.37 inches wide – 10.94 inches tall – 11.02 inches deep. Think if you took eight average power supplies and placed them together into a cube shape you would roughly get about the size of the Legacy V4.

A simple and elegant design helps sells the look of the case. With just the very minimum of external items it looks super clean. On the left side of the case you have a series of holes (9 x 2.5 inches) for air flow and on the front you have a single button to turn the unit on and off.


Rosewill Legacy V4-S Silver Aluminum Mini-ITX Cube Computer Case



Making a slight turn to the right side we see some lonely front ports. You get your normal audio jacks (mic and audio out) and two USB ports ( 1x USB2.0 and 1x USB3.0) and that is it. By the way did you notice there  are no drive bays available?

Rosewill Legacy V4-S Silver Mini-ITX Cube Computer Case



Rosewill Legacy V4-S Computer Case  Rosewill Legacy V4-S


We will move to the rear of the case to see what we get here and it all looks pretty familiar, just more compact. The power supply sits towards the top and at 90 degree angle with the I/O ports located to just next to it while below them we see the PCI ports. Thrown into all this are three locations where 80mm cooling fans can be mounted.

Rosewill Legacy V4-S Silver Aluminum Alloy Mini-ITX Cube Computer Case Rear of Case


Four PCI slot are there for you enjoyment. You could set up a dual video card setup or a place single card with a high end audio card next to it. Just to the right and top are two of the three places where you can install some 80mm cooling fan.


Our last stop will be the base or bottom of the Rosewill Legacy V4 case where plenty of slots are placed to help give the case plenty of air flow to help keep your hardware cool during heavy usage. The holes are to allow you to mount a 2.5 or 3.5 hard drive to the inside of the base. We can also see that nine pop rivets are used to secure the bottom plate to the rest of the case.


Four feet are provided for the case to help keep it off the floor. The four plastic feet have a rubber bases and raise the case 3/8 of an inch. With the amount of rubber on the bottom of the feet you can rest assure that it will not move around and stay right where you place it.


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