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Rosewill Legacy V4 Aluminum Cube Computer Case

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 Final Thoughts About Rosewill Legacy V4

Rosewill-Legacy V4
Available colors are Silver and Black. Silver Rosewill V4 shown.


So lets start on on the most important part of the review since I know most of you have probably jumped right to the last page to see what we had to say about the case. Overall I very satisfied with the case and what it can do. It does just what I expected it to be with more style than I thought. If you are looking for something that is flashy and has a bunch of extras and light, then this not the case for you. If you are looking for a case that has a modern look and with minimal distractions on the outside, then this is the one you want. My only “Hmm” thought about the case is why did they make the top of the case removable with seven screws when after you install your hardware that you can only put back about four to five them; I guess that is better than none. This did not impact the look or the performance of the case it just made me wonder. Looking at the Rosewill Legacy V4 from the outside might lead you to think that you will not have enough space to install all the hardware you want but with the design layout that Rosewill created you have more than enough space. Those that have questions about the cable management of the case all I can say is that you do have the room to do it but plan a head and get yourself a modular power supply. The Rosewill Legacy V4 Aluminum Cube Computer Case will make a great looking PC on a desk and sitting near you large screen TV as a HTPC or home made Steam box.



Very clean and modern looking


Plenty of space inside for hardware and your hands

Can install up to three hard drives

Two colors to choose from



Can not put screws back into top above motherboard once hardware is installed

No 8omm fan included

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