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Silverstone Lucid LD03

Lucid LD03

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Graphics Card Clearance

  • Max GPU Length:  274 mm / 10.78 in (Oversize* up to 309 mm / 12.16 in)
  • Max GPU Width:  145 mm / 5.70 in (Oversize* up to 167 mm / 6.57 in)
  • Max GPU Thickness:  2 slot
    * The LD03 does not support GPU’s that are oversized in both length and width.  A GPU that is oversize in one dimension must not exceed the other dimension’s maximum.

CPU Cooler Clearance

  • Height:  190 mm / 7.48 in

Fan and Radiator Support

  • Top:  120 mm**
  • Bottom:  120 mm
    ** Thick radiators or push-pull setups may interfere with clearance above the CPU socket.  Coolers designed for 1u servers are advised if using radiators over 30 mm / 1.18 in thick or using a push-pull fan setup.

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