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SilverStone has jumped in the mousing arena whole heartily with the Raven and its implemented innovative ideas. The LCD screen, rocker style center buttons and left side buttons are certainly great ideas and each has it own good merits. I am just not sure that they all belong on the same mouse at this time. The large scroll wheel is a nice idea, but I wonder if it was placed on the right side of the mouse or maybe use a scroll wheel, more like the center one, placed horizontal on the left side, but lower towards the base would be much less obstructive and useful. The Raven mouse may take some time to get used to for some, but others will find no problem adjusting. With its strong points it is well worth getting used to, but like any mouse you have to make some adjustments. You know we all like things a certain way once we adapt to them, and find it hard to change, but you know change can be good it you give it some time and patience.

SilverStone Raven Mouse Gaming Mouse, SilverStone 1

The look, balanced feel and cutting edge ideas shows me that SilverStone is truly serious about the mouse market. If they take some of the feed back that has been put out on the web about the Raven, which has been favorable, and tweak it I think that they will have one heck of mouse and most definitely be a serious contender in this market. A job well done by SilverStone and thank you for pushing the limits on a mouse.  

SilverStone Raven Mouse Gaming Mouse, SilverStone 2





+Great Shape
+Smooth Glide
+Weight Balanced
+Easy software
+3200 DPI

-Large Scroll wheel on the left side
-Too many buttons
-Some buttons hard to reach
-Not able to reassign button functions in Windows mode
-Can’t read the LCD when using Mouse

Modders-Inc Hardware Score

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