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One of the most noticeable differences on the SilverStone Raven mouse is that it has a small OLED LCD screen located in the top/middle of the mouse. As like the buttons, the LCD has two display modes. During the “Normal” mode we can see the Raven logo displayed and it is animated with the wings flapping.

SilverStone Raven Mouse Gaming Mouse, SilverStone 1

While in the “Game” mode the display tells you which profile you are currently using and the settings for the X and Y axis DPI. A cool feature, but not very useful when it is under you hand, but with a slight tilt of you your hand you can glimpse at it and tell what profile you are using. I like the idea of the LCD and hopefully it can be expanded upon in future software versions. I can see it being used while your PC is idle and it could tell you that you have new emails, system temperatures, and other useful information. SilverStone you might think about releasing the SDK for this and watch your fan base grown with user inspired add-ons.

SilverStone Raven Mouse Gaming Mouse, SilverStone 2

OK now we can start to talk about my feelings about the mouse…I love it / don’t like it. When I first looked a the mouse I saw the style that I like, the old Logitech palm fitting one, and well I was right. The feel was comfortable and very balanced in the hand. The center scroll wheel is in a perfect location and the left and right click buttons felt wonderful. The left side of the mouse has a slight indented curve to it for your pinky and then right side has the…this is where my preference comes into play. You see I, probably unlike anyone else, grab a mouse with my thumb and pinky and use it to maneuver it. The palm of my hand rest at the very rear base of the mouse and I use more of my hand motion than my whole arm to maneuver the device. So the introduction of the scroll wheel where my thumb would be just threw a huge “speed bump” into how I use a mouse. Now most people I talk to tend to rest their hand on top of the mouse and glide with it so the added scroll wheel should not an issue with them and actually feel like a nice thumb rest to them. 

SilverStone Raven Mouse Gaming Mouse, SilverStone 3
Gaming hand position

I am a man of average size and I found that if I use the mouse in the normal fashion that I do that I could not reach the two buttons located in front of the 3D Flip scroll wheel. I would have to slide my whole hand forward. Again this may not be an issue for those that us the “Glide” style mouse movement.

SilverStone Raven Mouse Gaming Mouse, SilverStone 4
Normal usage position

Wow your thumb can change the way it looks?…lol  No, but what I did was to turn the mouse around to see how it would feel if the large scroll wheel was on the other side of the mouse. And well it felt good and out of the way, but it could be used if needed.

SilverStone Raven Mouse Gaming Mouse, SilverStone 5

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