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SteelSeries Siberia 200 Gaming Headset Review

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A Closer Look at the SteelSeries Siberia 200 Headset

The outer shell of the drivers is made from thin ABS plastic. ABS can provide thin but durable constructions seen not only on headsets but also in other computer accessories such as mice and keyboards. Perhaps most important parts in the headsets is the ear and head cushions. Both ear and head cushions are made from a leather like material. While being soft, ear cushions have firmness to them which creates that tight seal around the ear. Siberia 200 does not have active noise cancelling (which is fair considering the price, ANC feature costs considerably more) however, during testing it did a good job isolating some sonar levels. Head cushion is soft to touch as well and not as firm as the ear cushions.

Head cushion is supported by spring loaded metal wires that adjust the pressure automatically based on the size of the users head. The actual headband is made from of metal beams which are sleeved with a rubber cords for comfort. Looking closer at microphone, it is a retractable type. If you are in no need of a microphone you can safely push it in the left driver.

Cabling of Siberia 200 is rubber coated and very slick to touch. It reminds me of Apple headphones type of cable. The length of the cable is rather long as it provides 5 feet of usable length. To aid gamers, SteelSeries has included a microphone switch and volume controls on the cable.

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