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SteelSeries Siberia 200 Gaming Headset Review

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Performance and Testing Results

Before jumping in to testing I would like to go over some of technical data about Siberia 200.

Siberia 200 is equipped with two 50mm Neodymium Drivers. If you have never heard of Neodymium just imagine a different type of magnet that has less weight and more potential when compared to  traditional magnets. (For more information please refer to Wikipedia. Link here)

Impedance of the microphone in Siberia 200 is 2200 Ohm. This is in the medium impedance range when it comes to gaming microphones. The lower the impedance the better of pick up you will have on the microphone.

Frequency Response of Siberia 200 (drivers) is between 10Hz and 28KHz. Common ranges we see in typical headphones is 20Hz to 20KHz. Siberia 200 has a slightly wider range so it the sound reproduction should be slightly better (in my opinion). (The first number represents bass of the spectrum and the second number represents treble).

The best instrument to test headphones is your ears. Almost everyone can tell right away if they like the bass or treble of a headphone just by listening to couple of songs or playing some games. What I have done with Siberia 200 is put it through the real testing: Gaming :). Sure I can run a bunch of benchmarks and show you the frequency range of Siberia 200 but none of this is relevant if you want to know how Siberia 200 performed on my head.


I have spent roughly two weeks using Siberia 200 and what I heard, I liked. Mixing music and PC gaming really showed what Siberia 200 can do. From what it’s worth, the sound reproduction of some of the usual games I play was very well translated. The high pitched sounds were very crisp and I really haven’t had any issues at low or higher volume. Bass was just right as well however in certain moments I felts like Bass could be a little fuller. When a tank blows up in your proximity you sure as hell want to feel it. With the Siberia 200 you do get to feel a well reproduction of bass but in my opinion it could be a little better.

Vocal sounds and clarity is really what this headset is all about. Clarity of high sounds was spot on and at times gave me chills. I do enjoy drum and bass once in a while and with the Siberia 200 I did experience some mudding of the low bass sounds on occasion.

Microphone recording via 3.5mm:

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