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Thermaltake View 71

View 71 Tempered Glass ARGB Edition

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Compatibility and Clearances

The Thermaltake View 71 is packed with mounting options for all kinds of hardware.  The following is a rough guide to what you can fit, and where. It is by no means exhaustive.

The case supports graphics cards up to 310 mm long with the drive cage in place and up to 410 mm with the cage removed.  The maximum CPU cooler height is 190 mm, and for the best results, the power supply should be under 220 mm.


The View 71 supports up to 7 3.5″ hard drives or up to 12 2.5″ drives.  There are 3 drive trays in the back of the case (shown in red) that support either 1 3.5″ hard drive or 2 2.5″ drives each.  There are an additional 5 drive trays (shown in white) in the main compartment of the case.  Of those, 4 are mounted in the 2 pods at the front of the case and support either 1 3.5″ or 1 2.5″ drive per tray.  The remaining tray is mounted on the power supply shroud and supports up to 2 2.5″ drives.


The cooling options in the View 71 are a bit more complicated, and it isn’t too difficult to cram radiators into the case that technically exceed the maximum dimensions allowed.  The following 2 images show the approximate positions where you can mount 120 mm fans and 140 mm fans, respectively, without a radiator.

The next set of images show two possible radiator arrangements.  To mount large radiators like triple 140 mm units in the front of the case, it may be necessary for part of the radiator through the floor of the case.  This requires that the radiator be mounted about 25 mm behind the front panel.  Be advised, this will prevent you from using the drive cages in the front of the case.  Additionally, if a radiator is mounted on the motherboard tray in this arrangement, it must use the mounting holes towards the motherboard to avoid conflicting with the front radiator.  This will limit the length of the graphics cards that can be mounted horizontally to a little over 270 mm long.  The vertical GPU mount length is not affected.  The amount of space available on the bottom of the case is also affected in this configuration, though it is still possible to fit a full 240 mm radiator with shorter power supplies.


The second configuration is similar but omits the long front radiator in favor of either moving the motherboard tray radiator forwards or keeping the hard drive cages.  If a radiator is mounted on the motherboard tray close to the front of the case, 2 of the drive trays in the back of the case will need to be removed to allow air to flow through the radiator and out of the case.  This configuration offers more flexibility in the number of drive mounting points at the cost of reduced radiator mounting options.  It is still possible to mount a slim radiator in the front of the case if the radiator is 280 mm or shorter and the fans are mounted on the outside of the chassis.

Officially, the Thermaltake View 71 supports the following:

Total Fans Supported9x 120 mm / 6x 140 mm
Front Fan Support3x 120 mm / 2x 140 mm (2x 140 mm preinstalled)
Top Fan Support3x 120 mm /3x 140 mm
Rear Fan Support1x 120 mm / 1x 140 mm (1x 140 mm preinstalled)
Bottom Fan Support2x 120mm
Front Radiator Support1x 360 mm / 1x 420 mm
Top Radiator Support1x 360 mm / 1x 420 mm
Rear Radiator Support1x 120 mm / 1x 140 mm
Right Radiator Support1x 360 mm / 1x 420 mm
Bottom Radiator Support1x 240 mm

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