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Viewsonic XG240R 1080p, 144 Hz Monitor Review

Full HD from a different View

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The Viewsonic Elite XG240R comes in a plain brown box. On one side, there is the Viewsonic Elite logo in the center. Across the bottom is the XG240R branding to the left. To the right, the phrase 24” RGB LED Gaming Monitor tells you what’s in the box.

On the opposite side of the box, there is a crude depiction of about 80% of the monitor to the left. To the right is the same text that’s on the other side. The View sonic Elite logo with the XG240R branding directly below. If we consider this the front, the left side of the box is where you’ll find the serial and model numbers and the right side lists the contents of the box in several languages.

The Viewsonic XG240R comes packed in hard foam. Generally, I prefer soft foam. My one exception monitors and TVs. The hard foam prevents the screen from bouncing around in the box. Inside the box, you’ll find the screen itself and the stand. As for accessories, the XG240R comes packed with a power cord, DisplayPort cable and a USB A to B cable. There is also a small, circular clip for cable management.

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