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In Win 707 Full Tower Case Review

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Closer Look at the In Win 707 contd.

After removing the two thumb screws at the rear of the case, each of the side panels slide towards the rear of the case to allow removal. With the In Win 707 being a full tower ATX chassis, the interior is wide open and there is a lot of room to work. The cutout for accessing the back of the motherboard to install the back plates for CPU coolers is massive. Most of the openings between the motherboard tray and the backside case panel are covered with rubber grommets to prevent wire chaffing and a potential short.




Taking a closer look at the windowed side panel, you can see the window is held in place via screws into the lip of the case window. This could make it very easy to replace the stock window.


As I was looking at the inside of the panel, I noticed that the paint did not cover the whole interior side. The imperfection on this particular case was located at the bottom of the panel. While it does not appear that bare metal is exposed, the primer certainly is.


The included case fan at the rear uses a MOLEX connection to supply power. Really? MOLEX?  In Win could have very easily put a 3-pin or PWM fan here.


A total of eight drive bays are located at the front of the case. Installation is provided with drive trays.


If you so choose, one or both of the internal 3.5″ drive cages can be removed. Just a few screws hold them in place and they are easily removed. If you are going to use the included radiator mount at the bottom of the case, you must remove the lower drive cage to install the radiator.




5.25″ drives and accessories are held in place by tool free locks. Very simply, pull out on the yellow handle, slide the device in and then push the yellow handles back in.



Looking from the bottom up, you can get a view of where the radiators would mount as well as the dust filter.



Two 140mm fans are provided up front. The fans are model number DF121425SL-A. Both fans use 3-pin as a power source and have an additional 3-pin socket to pass through power in case the cable length will not reach the motherboard.  The fans are held in by a plastic clip that allows tool free installation and removal.


The power supply is held off the bottom of the case to allow increased airflow. Under the case there is a dust filter that can be removed for cleaning.



If this looks familiar, it should. Apparently In Win re-used the chassis design from from the GRone case. However, I do not feel this is a bad thing. If the frame works, then why spend the extra money to re-tool.

Top to bottom internally the case measures 42.72cm or 18 inches.  from the hard drive cage mounts to the rear, the case measures in at 38.1cm or 15 inches. From the top of the CPU socket to the inside edge of the case I measured 19.36cm or 75/8 inches.


Article Index: >>    « A Closer Look at the In Win 707 | Hardware Installation and Clearance Issues »

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  1. Recently purchased one of these cases 2nd hand – can you replace the rear exhaust fan with a Corsair LL series fan for example?

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