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Vic "XcaliburFX" began case modding in 2006, when he modded his first case for his daughter. He has had several of his creations in CPU Magazine and Maximum PC. Vic has also contributed to articles for the Computer Power User magazine about modding.

The 2013 Modders-Inc Staff vs Staff Mod-Off sponsored by Thermaltake final results


  The Modders-Inc Booth at Quakecon 2013 and the Staff vs Staff Mod-Off mods on display! That’s right folks CPUMag.com / Computer Power User magazine, has been graciously covering our Modders-Inc Staff vs Staff Mod-Off in their great informative publication. Well, in the October issue …

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Modders-Inc interviewed at Quakecon 2013

Modders-Inc Quakecon Case Mod Contest

    Modders-Inc interviewed at Quakecon 2013, yes fortunately Modders-Inc was interviewed by several media groups this year at Quakecon 2013. I know Dewayne was interviewed at least twice (we used Dewayne’s 2012 interview with CPWS TV, as the 2013 version was trashed) and as …

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NZXT FZ-200 Airflow Fan Series 200mm fan


  NZXT, being no stranger to the world of PC gamers and enthusiasts, manufactures many different products just for gamers and enthusiasts. They have been busy of late with a their latest fan series, and in particular their new NZXT FZ-200 Airflow Fan Series 200mm …

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NZXT Phantom 630 High Performance Modular Ultra Tower

NZXT Phantom 630

   NZXT is no stranger to the world of the high performance gaming chassis. In fact they have a long lineage of gaming and professional cases, from both their Classic Series to their Crafted Series of cases. Not too long ago they added the Phantom …

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LEPA G850-MAS 80 PLUS Gold Certified Power Supply


  LEPA debuted in 2011 offering up a wide variety of 80 Plus Gold Rated power supplies (made by Enermax) their first year, from the G500, G700, G900, G1000, G1200 and even the G1600, an 80 Plus Gold rated monster. With the success of the …

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Cooler Master NotePal I100 Laptop Cooler

notepal colors

     Laptops / Notebooks have always had cooling issues, I mean let’s face, it the intake fans and hot air ventilation slots on a laptop are not the most efficient cooling solution for such a compact area. Thus the growth of the cooling pad …

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Cooler Master NA 120 Universal Notebook Power Adapter 120w

Cooler Master NA 120

Let’s face it, if you use a laptop or netbook, your eventually going to either break or otherwise damage your laptop power adapter. I can’t count how many times I have had to replace my teenager’s power adapter. And, having to wait on a power …

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CM Storm Scout 2

In early 2009, Cooler Master started up it’s CM Storm division with it’s debut of the full tower CM Storm Sniper and mid tower Scout case. Now, some 3 years later Cooler Master’s CM storm division has released the long awaited successor to the Scout, …

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IN WIN GRone Full Tower Computer Case

GRone first look

   We will be reviewing the IN WIN GRone Full Tower Computer Case, the GRone (or GR1 for short) is IN WIN’s newest full tower chassis. The GRone comes in three colors, Black, Gray, and White. We will be taking a closer look at the Gray version, …

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Rosewill THOR V2-W Full Tower Computer Case


 We will be taking a look at the Rosewill THOR V2-W, the white edition of Rosewill’s THOR V2 full tower computer case. As you may know, Rosewill is a Newegg house brand and puts out many different computer related products. Products that vary from Power Supplies, Laptop …

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