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LIAN LI PC-Q02 Mini ITX Case

Taking a Look Inside

The smooth aluminum side panels are easily removed with a tug on the small tab at the back of the case. Both side of the case are built this way for quick access to the inside of the PC-Q02.

Much like it’s bigger brother that we reviewed, the Lian Li PC-V700, the PC-Q02 use a series of pins attached to the panels and latches embedded in to the edge of the case used to securely hold the panels in place, and I mean securely.

Above is a quick over view on LIAN LI thoughts on how the air flow works and the options you have on installing hard drive in the PC-Q02.

At this point we get a better look at the power supply this comes with the PC-Q02. Good thing as it will save you a lot of time trying to find one that will fit in this super small case.

 The power produced for the case is a FSP 300-60GHS.The FSP300-60GHS is a 300 watt micro atx power supply with a 80 PLUS efficiency rating. This little power supply has dual 12V rails, 24 pin main connector, 4 pin 12v, 4 pin Molex, 4 pin floppy, and 4 SATA connectors.

When you remove the right side panel you gain access to the motherboard tray which is removable… thank goodness.

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  1. Sorry, but it’s full of ‘nearly, but not quite’. That ODD should be mounted vertically to leave the top free for mounting something like a Corsair H60.

    And that SFX PSU needs to be replaced by a 450W one to power a decent GPU. For a HTPC, you want something like the Q25 – one of the models with a rack of internal drive bays – but not the actual Q25 as it lacks an ODD.

  2. WOZ OING TO BUY as nice n compact but wtf no pci sslot at all so no external gfx card of any sort. next one up fo me i thin,