QuakeCon is a free convention held annually in the Dallas, TX area. Thousands of computer gamers and case modders from all over the world make the pilgrimage to play with their friends on a giant gaming network. A huge party for every sort of gamer, from the hobbyist to the hardcore, QuakeCon is an event not to be missed.

Modder’s Tools: Planning for LAN-ing


LAN parties are a lot of fun, especially if you’re showing off your latest case mod. This fun comes at a cost however, and the experience can be pretty harsh on both you and your rig. After four years of exhibiting my mods at Quakecon, I have …

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QuakeCon 2016: Volunteer and be part of it, not just at it.

QuakeCon 2016

It is almost that time to gather at the largest LAN in the USA. With 3000 gamers and over 12,000 attendees you need to have stuff for people to do. QuakeCon never falls short of the that. First off to make it a successful and …

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24 hours of live case modding at QuakeCon 2016


August 4-7, 2016 brings another live modding event at QuakeCon that allow you to be up-close and personable with the modders as they work their magic to create a full case mod in just 24 hours. The 24 hours of live case modding at QuakeCon …

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Tek Syndicate stops by the Modders-Inc booth at QuakeCon 2015


It was a blast to have the Tek Syndicate guys come by the Modders-Inc booth at QuakeCon 2015. Their style of humor and getting you the information makes their videos fun to watch. Tek Syndicate walks you through the booth and highlights the Fallout case …

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Quakecon 2015- Twenty Years of Tradition


The lowly hum of a few thousand machines booting up, the crisp sound of a can of Bawls being opened, and the roar of the crowd with every new detail of an ID or Bethesda release. These are the things that make the annual celebration …

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Quakecon 2015 Twenty years of Peace Love and Rockets.


Quakecon is once a year convention in Dallas, Texas that celebrates the gaming community as well as one of the most iconic multiplayer first person shooters ever made: Quake. 2015 was the 20th anniversary of this time honored tradition of Peace, Love and Rockets (The …

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Watch the Live Case Modding at QuakeCon 2015

24hr case modding contest

The very first Modders-Inc 24hr of LE MODS – The Ultimate Modding Challenge will be held at QuakeCon 2015. So what is the 24hr of LE MODS? This as a contest that puts three case modders against each other in a timed event that is …

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RobCo Industries and Modders Inc. Sync on Modding Competion

US Case Modding Championship at QuakeCon 2015

We’re pleased to announce that  RobCo Industries is a proud sponsor of the 2077 2015 Modders-Inc.’s Case Modding Championship at QuakeCon 2015. For the fourth year Modders-Inc brings the thrilling world of computer case modding to the largest LAN in the United States, QuakeCon. But …

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Quakecon logo

QUAKECON GIVES BACK WITH LARGEST CHARITY INITIATIVE IN EVENT HISTORY   QuakeCon Celebrates 20 Years of Community Support with National and Local Charity Partners   In its landmark year, id® Software and Bethesda Softworks® are pleased to announce that QuakeCon® 2015 will play host to …

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24 hours of Live Case Modding at QuakeCon 2015

24hrs of LE MODs Case Mod Contest

New to QuakeCon this year will be the very first Modders-Inc 24hr of LE MODS – The Ultimate Modding Challenge. This new contest is something we have been wanting to do for years and finally everything has lined up for us. So what is the …

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