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QuakeCon is a free convention held annually in the Dallas, TX area. Thousands of computer gamers and case modders from all over the world make the pilgrimage to play with their friends on a giant gaming network. A huge party for every sort of gamer, from the hobbyist to the hardcore, QuakeCon is an event not to be missed.

24 hours of Live Case Modding at QuakeCon 2015

24hrs of LE MODs Case Mod Contest

New to QuakeCon this year will be the very first Modders-Inc 24hr of LE MODS – The Ultimate Modding Challenge. This new contest is something we have been wanting to do for years and finally everything has lined up for us. So what is the ...

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US Case Modding Championship at 2015 QuakeCon


The 2015 QuakeCon will be the place this year for case modders and for fans of case mods. For the fourth year Modders-Inc brings the thrilling world of computer case modding to the largest LAN in the United States. But this year will be something new and ...

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Announcing the US Case Modding Championship at QuakeCon 2015


2015 is going to an awesome year for QuakeCon and Case Modders. This year will be the 20th anniversary of the largest LAN in the United States. 2015 will also mark the fourth year that Modders-Inc will be hosting the Case Modding Contest, but this ...

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Thor Case Mod at QuakeCon 2014


Dewayne states: “For those of you that have no idea what my hobby of computer case modding is about or why I travel to Dallas every year here is a video that helps put it all together.”

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Punisher Case Mod at QuakeCon 2014


Al Shuryan a Modders-Inc staff member talks with Game Front about his case mod for the 2014 Modders-Inc Staff vs Staff mod contest.

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2014 QuakeCon Case Modding Contest Winners

2014 QuakeCon Case Mod Contest Winners

For the third year in a row we, Modders-Inc, have been able to bring the case modding contest to QuakeCon. Over the three years the case mods showing up at QuakeCon have gotten better and it gets harder to pick the winners. This year we ...

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Captain America Case Mod at QuakeCon 2014


Staff member Vic McGuire gives Game Front the low-down about his modded case for the 2014 Modders-Inc Staff vs Staff Mod Off.

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Ghost Rider Case Mod at QuakeCon 2014

logo quakecon 2014

Staff member Craig Tate talks with Game Front about his modded case that he entered into the Staff vs Staff Case Modding Contest.  

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Case Mods Entries for the Modders-Inc QuakeCon Case Modding Contest


2014 brought us another great year for case mods at QuakeCon. Each year there have seen an increase of number of case modders entering the contest. This also brought bigger and better mods. Here is a quick gallery of the entries into the 2014 Modders-Inc ...

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CyberPunk interview with Modders-Inc


Modders-Inc was pretty busy this year with interviews and coverage at the 2014 QuakeCon. Cyberpunk is one of our long time interviews and this year I was able to get Vic to talk about his Staff vs Staff Modding Contest winning case.  

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