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ASRock X99 Motherboards Now Broadwell-E Ready

ASRock Broadwell-E

Intel’s Broadwell-E HEDT CPU is definitely arriving soon and not just the stuff of rumours as evident with the another motherboard manufacturer announcing BIOS updates that will enable compatibility with current X99 motherboards. First MSI announced two weeks ago that updates are now available to …

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ASRock Z170 OC Formula Now Available in mATX: Z170M OC Formula

ASRock Z170M OC Formula

The ASRock Z170 OC Formula motherboard is a beast of an overclocker setting and holding many records for Intel’s Skylake platform. Now users looking for a more compact version will be glad to hear that ASRock has released a micro-ATX version on April 1st and …

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ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/AC Motherboard Review


It used to be that small form factor meant you would have to trade performance for size. Over the last few generations of motherboards and CPUs that stigma is changing. The Mini-ITX or ITX is one of the smallest form factor boards you can purchase. …

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New mATX and Mini-ITX ASRock FM2+ Motherboards Spotted


A casual stroll on ASRock’s product page reveals three new yet to be announced motherboards in addition to their current AMD FM2+ line. The first is a mini-ITX solution dubbed the A88M-ITX/ac and as the name suggests, it comes with a built-in 802.11AC wireless feature …

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BIOS Update Enables Non-K Skylake CPU Overclocking


You reached 5GHz on air? big whoop! Any scrub can flood voltage and push unlocked “K” processors with multipliers if the cooling is capable enough. Intel’s pronouncements of a “return” to enthusiast overclocking with the CPU VRM moved back to motherboard were not exactly very …

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ASRock Shows Non-Z Overclocking on Intel 100-series Motherboards

non-z OC

Great news for those who want to overclock on a Non-Z platform, ASRock enables Non-Z overclocking on some of their 100-series boards allowing users to set their DDR4 beyond the 2133MHz JEDEC floor. This feature is available on ASRock UEFI and on some H170, Q170, …

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ASRock Beebox Gets Upgraded


The Beebox is ASRock’s take on the Intel NUC mini-PC sporting a compact 0.6L size but packed with plenty of features for all manner of uses. This mini-PC now has an upgraded version powered by an Intel N3150 SoC, 32GB eMMC SSD and bundled with …

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ASRock Announces 4K 60Hz Capable Z170 Gaming-ITX/AC Motherboard


The novelty of ITX motherboards are far from worn off, not because everyone is enamored by their compact size but because of all the features packed in such a small space. It is not even a question of whether an ITX motherboard can peform anymore, …

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ASRock Introduces H2R 2-in-1 HDMI Router/Media Player Device


Despite the compact size, ASRock’s new H2R router is a versatile piece of gadget that functions as a router but can also be used as an Ethernet adapter or HDMI dongle alternative for AppleTV or Google chromecast, making it an invaluable tool for frequent travelers. …

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ASRock Z170 OC Formula Sets More Records at IDF 2015 San Francisco!


Aside from turning heads with their Z170 motherboard designs, ASRock also seems hellbent on getting attention for their OC performance, setting plenty of records at a short time span since the Z170’s release. The Z170 OC Formula set more records in the 4x Intel XTU …

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