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Cooler Master announced its showcase and lineup for PAX East 2014

Cooler Master Logo

Cooler Master has announced its showcase and lineup for PAX East 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts. Product highlights for the show include the HAF Stacker mod tower and the upcoming QuickFire Rapid-i and NovaTouch keyboards. The Cooler Master booth (#216) is right near the entrance of the exhibition hall. Feeling the Difference Attendees will have an opportunity to get a look ... Read More »

Cooler Master Seidon 120v All In One CPU Cooler

Cooler Master Seidon 120V AIO CPU Cooler

Cooler Master already a few All In One Liquid Cooling CPU solutions with the NEPTON, GLACIER, EISBERG AIO and now Cooler Master is introducing the SEIDON series. The SEIDON series comes in five models. The SEIDON 120V, 120M, 120L Prestige, 120XL,  240M. This review will be of the SEIDON 120V which is a budget friendly solution with performance that should satisfy the average gaming or ... Read More »

Cooler Master Silencio 652S Announced

21_Product_120mm LCS

Cooler Master has a new addition to their Silent Case series in the form of the Silencio 652S. The mid-tower is outfitted with noise cancelling materials inside while sporting an elegant matte finish outside. Optional removable covers on the top and side panel allow users flexibility with the ventilation or noise control while cooling is handled by three new Silencio ... Read More »

Cooler Master 2013 Case Mod Contest Winners

Once again there were some outstanding entries in the Cooler Master Case Mod Competition.  With a total of 81 case mods entered (31 in the Tower Mod division and 50 in the Scratch Mod division) it was a battle to the end to pick the winners. But the hard working judges, Cooler Master and with help from the public they ... Read More »

CM Storm Reaper Mouse Review CM Storm Reaper 884102020704, CM Storm Reaper, Gaming Mouse, Joe Gulczinski, Review, SGM-6002-KLLW1

Cooler Master, a company world renown for their excellent case and cooling solutions, has recently augmented their Storm series lineup with some new additions. “What is this Storm series?” one may ask. It is Cooler Master’s answer for consumers looking for higher then average specifications, durability, and aesthetics. Today Benchmark Review’s has taken the opportunity to give the CM Storm ... Read More »

Two New CM Storm Mice Announced (with Giveaway)


Two new gaming devices recently showed up at the CM Storm website, named Mizar and Alcor.  Both are gaming mice sharing the same body shape but differ slightly in looks and differ greatly with the type of sensor used. Mizar uses an Avago 9800 laser sensor, capable of up to 8200 DPI and features a maximum tracking speed of 150ips/30g. ... Read More »

Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 Case Review | Hardware Asylum

A computer case is many things. First and foremost it is a convenient location to store all the gear you need to run your computer. You have external drive bays for optical drives and card readers, internal bays for hard drives and SSDs and a location for motherboard, video card(s) and power supply. The question is, what happens when you ... Read More »

Vote and Win in the CM Case Mod 2013 Showdown


Cooler Master’s Case Mod 2013 contest is currently under way and voting is open until February 16, 2014. Previous year’s winners include Paul Tan’s Titanium PC and Masbuskado modding’s Opprezor. There are 31 tower-mod entries this year including two of our previously featured mods: Jim Weist’s Grey Matter and Jesse Palacio’s Centurion and there are also 48 scratch-built cases to ... Read More »

Cooler Master Glacer 240L All In One Liquid CPU Cooler

Cooler Master Glacer 240L CPU Cooler

Water cooling for PCs is not something new and has been around for several years. In the past if you wanted to use water cooling you would have to locate and purchase the individual parts and assemble them, fill the system up with coolant, and leak test it. Recently there has been a surge in All in one, or AIO ... Read More »